Sublimation patches- SQUARE SHAPE
Sublimation patches- SQUARE SHAPE
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Sublimation patches- SQUARE SHAPE

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These are 100% polyester linen patches (3 INCHES BY 3 INCHES) with the adhesive patch included. Just add your design using sublimation and then iron on the adhesive patch.  You can use a hat press or a regular iron to add the patch to a hat, pants or any other garment. 

Suggested pressing instructions: There is a small blue dot to indicate the side to press on each patch. to add the adhesive backing...Place the rough side to the patch and press about 2 seconds. To add the patch to hat...peel off paper backing then place on hat and press 8-10 seconds. You can use a regular iron or a hat press.
Let cool before checking to make sure it has pressed good. 🙂
Press at 400 degrees for 55 seconds.