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Cotton Pickin Blanks

Sublimation patches- ROUND SHAPE

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These are 100% polyester linen patches (3 INCHES BY 3 INCHES) with the adhesive patch included. Just add your design using sublimation and then iron on the adhesive patch.  You can use a hat press or a regular iron to add the patch to a hat, pants or any other garment. 

Suggested pressing instructions: There is a small blue dot on the patch to indicate which side to press.   Press at 400 degrees for 55 seconds  

To add the adhesive backing...Place the rough side to the patch and press about 2 seconds. To add the patch to hat...peel off paper backing then place on hat and press 8-10 seconds. You can use a regular iron or a hat press.
Let cool before checking to make sure it has adhered to the hat well. 🙂