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Cotton Pickin Blanks

Christmas Tree Skirt BLACK AND RED BUFFALO Plaid

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Go totally rustic with our plaid ruffle tree skirts. Buffalo plaid is so popular this year, you won't be disappointed in these tree skirts.

Each tree skirt has a faux burlap center made of 100% polyester which is great for sublimation, HTV or embroidery. The red plaid ruffle is made from a soft flannel that with some steaming will just fluff up nicely. These skirts are completely lined so that they will keep their shape year after year. 

Polyester faux burlap material is SO much softer than traditional burlap. You can rub on these and not get itchy or covered in burlap lint!

Measurements: 48" diameter

 Suggested press instructions:  Lint roll to remove any lint or loose threads.  Press at 400 degrees for 65 seconds 

Suggested retail: $25-35 each personalized