CAT people Tiered Tray set unfinished
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CAT people Tiered Tray set unfinished

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This is an unfinished do it yourself tiered tray kit (tray not included).

What makes my kits special?

Each tray kit is cut to order and will be shipped with the 7-10 day time frame. The unfinished kit comes with all the pieces shown in the picture.

Each individual piece of your tray will be sealed with all the matching parts. No searching for the pieces you will need to put your set together. Each piece that has glued on letters will be scored for quick and easy alignment. No guessing where to put your letters.

Each kit will come standard with 1 stand which is normally not included from other vendors. Additional stands are available to purchase on another listing.

What will I need to complete my project?

*Paint acrylic is best Paint markers are helpful but not required.

*Paint brushes or make up sponges

*Acrylic Sealer of any kind to seal the paint on your projects- spray is preferred

*Twine or ribbon for the hanging banners

*Super Glue of any type

All items can be found at places like the Dollar Tree, Dollar General, Walmart or online.

Helpful tips:

*Paint a base coat on all pieces- I like to use white on the fronts. I rarely paint the back but you certainly can if you would like to.

*Paint your small pieces or use paint markers

*Allow your pieces to dry

*Paint your pieces the color you would like and allow them to dry

*Attach small letters or pieces to the scored areas

*Touchup where needed- I use a black paint marker to paint over any paint that may have gotten on the edges.

*Seal your paint by spraying the acrylic sealer on all pieces

*Display on your favorite tiered tray!

NOTE: These are laser cut items and as such will have dark edges and may smell like burnt wood. This smell will go away with time. You may wipe these items with vinegar to lessen the smell before painting. These are made of MDF which is not waterproof. For best results, avoid displays in an area that may have water present. There may also be smudges or dark spots on the items themselves due to the nature of cutting wood. You may sand these areas away or you may cover them with paint. These dark spots are not defects and will not be refunded.