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Cotton Pickin Blanks

BLACK back masks Child VERY Small No Ear Saver

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These are made from 100% polyester outer layer with a 100 cotton inner layer. These are the smaller  toddler size masks.
perfect for day care !
PLEASE check sizes on this one. 
They are small - many are using for doll or bear masks. 
Approximate size is 4.50 INCHES Long  BY 4 inches wide 

These have a black back and loops for ears. Men need these because they don’t show dirt.  

No ear savers  

The area for sublimation is approximately 3 inches wide x 3.5 inches Long  

Add the perfect design for the special person in your life.  

Press at 400 for 60 seconds. 
make sure to tape down all edges across and up and down. 

I press mine 60 seconds rotate and press 10 more And then rotate and press again . 


Retails: $12-15 each