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Baby Sippy Cup Sublimation Straight 12 OZ

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These are the hottest items on the market now. These straight double walled straight  baby tumblers are easy to do and sell so quick you will be amazed.  These tumblers include the plastic sippy tops which are BPA free. Also included are a separate top and straw for later when the baby graduates to a regular cup. 

These sub best when done in a convection oven. There are many videos on You Tube to assist you in the best way to do these. 

suggested pressing instructions: 

Remove the plastic top and set aside. Wrap the design around the tumbler tape tightly around.  Cover with shrink wrap and use the heat gun to seal.  Place in convection oven at 350 degrees for 5 minutes. Please check your oven temp with an oven thermometer to make sure it is not too hot before trying the tumbler. Carefully remove the shrink wrap while warm. 

DISCLAIMER:  Every oven is different and not all pressing instructions will be the same.