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Kids Sippy Cups- Pink
Kids Sippy Cups- Pink
Kids Sippy Cups- Pink

Kids Sippy Cups- Pink

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These kids sippy cups with straws are easy to sub and look great when finished.   There is a boy version with blue and yellow top and a girl version with Light pink and dark pink top. 
Kids cups come with straw top for the little ones. 
These cups are 6 inches tall to the top and 91/2 inches around st the bottom. The cups are slightly tapered to make it easier for little hands to hold.  
These cups are 12 ounces  and need a conical design for all over coverage  


Suggested press instructions: Oven wrap is the best method for all over sublimation 

Wrap the design around the cup. Secure very tight. Place a copy paper around the cup to cover the design. If you use shrink wrap you would add it and use your blow dryer to seal it up at this step.
Place your cup in the convection oven. You can lay them down or stand them up.
if you lay them down turn part of the way thru

Suggested oven times:

400 degrees 6 minutes 

These are suggested times and you may need to adjust for best results  

Retails for $25-30 in my area